Dystopia Rising 3.0 Rule Set Feedback Form


Looks like someone is ready to make a change...

Greetings Gatorlanders!

We hope you're as excited as we are for the new edition of Dystopia Rising's rule set. Not only will the 3.0 Rule Set be more streamlined, but YOU will have a chance to provide feedback on what changes should be made!

BEFORE YOU SUBMIT YOUR FEEDBACK on what changes you want to see, please read the full blog post about it here. This is not a reset. You're not losing your characters and the story is not being restarted. Instead, the new rules will jump the current story three years forward starting in 2019. This will allow players to either keep their characters the same, or change their role-play as the new rules are released.

Please note that we are planning to divide feedback into several categories. In the form below, please include the category you are giving feedback on. If you have feedback in multiple categories, please submit a different feedback for each one. Please keep your feedback as concise as possible. Your Directors will be compiling hundreds of feedback forms into information that can easily be processed by the National Team. We don't need an essay about why a particular skill should be changed, why a Strain should or should not have a certain ability, or why a print should or should not do a thing. Simply the thing you believe needs to be changed is sufficient.

We appreciate everything the Community does and hope this will help you shape the Dystopia Rising world for years to come!

Thank you!

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