Below you will find local policies you will encounter at a Dystopia Rising: Florida event as well as answers to some frequently asked questions about attending our Branch.

  1. Tobacco Use - Use of tobacco within a cabin is expressed forbidden. Cigarette smoking may only occur at designated smoking areas on the campsite. Use of cigars, pipes, hookah, vaping may occur in outdoor areas, but please be respectful to those around you.

  2. Tent Camping - Space is available around the camp site to set-up tents for the weekend. We encourage tent camping to those equipped to do so as it frees up more beds for those players that prefer one. As well, staying in a tent will provide you a safe period between 3am and 7am where the STs and Marshals will not direct any modules towards your tent. This does not however prevent PVP from taking place.

  3. Combat at a Tent - Fighting in a tent is often an unsafe and difficult situation, as such as combat is moved to outside of the tent for safety and ease of play. Guides can declare that players have 1 minute to leave tent to engage in the threat present. Players that fail to do so before 1 minute will receive calls of 5 Body every 30 seconds thereafter, representing the damage they suffer from the threat while remaining inside the tent.

  4. Kitchen Use - Our site has a numerous kitchens with varying amenities that are is available for use. The main kitchen attached to the Mess Hall is for Camp Staff only and not available for our use.