Dystopia RIsing: Florida at a convention near you!

As often as we are able, Dystopia Rising enjoys being at Conventions all across Florida and Georgia to bring aspects of our unique LARP experience to the convention entertainment. Check back here for future conventions that Dystopia Rising: Florida has plans to attend!

Are you interested in having us at your Convention? Contact us and we can review what sort of entertainment we can offer to your convention schedule. From panels and workshops, to combat demonstrations and full scale modules, we’ve done it all!


Infinity Con - Year 6! - March 2nd and 3rd
Dystopia Rising: Florida and Infinity Con presents…

The Devil’s Run!

There are many paths through the wreckage of the post-apocalyptic wastes, some more dangerous than others. It's no secret that the more dangerous runs are often the most profitable. Deep in the ruins of a long forgotten city, lies not only a faster trade route through the surrounding swamp lands, but also a treasure trove of almost untouched pre-fall tech and arms. To those willing to brave the Devil's Run, loot and glory await...if you survive!


Join InfinityCon and Dystopia Rising: Florida for the Devil's Run, a simulated combat experience where you and a group of your friends will fight your way through waves of raiders and zombie threats as you search for pieces of pre-fall technology, weapons, and loot along a route outside of the Convention hall. The longer you stay on the field the more loot you could find, but the more enemies you'll have to face! Your team's score will be posted at the Dystopia Rising table so you can see how you compare to other teams! At the end of the weekend, the winning team will receive prizes from InfinityCon and Dystopia Rising: Florida!