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Dystopia Rising: Florida Ingredient List

An ingredient list for LARP, just like with any food item, is a list of what you can expect to find in the LARP you'll be attending. The link above will take you to the Dystopia Rising: Florida ingredient list. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us!

Camp Ground Policies

Click above to find local policies you will encounter at a Dystopia Rising: Florida event as well as answers to some frequently asked questions about attending our Branch such as tobacco use, tenting, and kitchen use.

Character Submission

Ready to submit a character? Click the link above to fill out the submission form! This will send an email to the Directors who will review your proposed character and add it to the character database.

Background Submission

Some character concepts within Dystopia Rising require a background be submitted with the character sheet, though we highly suggest all characters have an associated background to better flesh out your character. This will not only assist in your role-play of the character but will also assist the game's writers with including your story in the games. Click the link above to access the background submission form, which will email your background to the Directors for review.

Strain and Character Restrictions

Not every Strain described in the Dystopia Rising Survivor's Guide is appropriate or available within the Florida branch. Some due to geographic restrictions, others due to rarity, many of the Strains are restricted in the number we allow per game. Click the link above to view the Dystopia Rising: Florida restrictions.

Advanced Membership

Ready to get serious? Purchase an advanced membership via the link above to access a number of benefits for both you as a player and your characters! Part of being an advanced membership is access to our online database to view your player page, which shows your current AP totals, as well as view your character sheets. You can find the database at following link!

Dystopia Rising LARP Online Database

Event Feedback

Been to an event and want to tell us about something great that happened, or perhaps an opportunity we have to improve? Click the link above to fill out our event feedback form and let us know!

Community Links

Dystopia Rising is a community that games, not a gaming community. This philosophy is the backbone of our network, and coming together as a community is really what makes us great. Click the link above, which will take you to a listing of a number of ways to contact and get involved with the Florida and National communities!

Sexual Misconduct and No-Contact Policies

Our goal at Dystopia Rising: Florida is to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for our player base. To that end, sexual misconduct, including, but not limited to sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking, by any player who is a member of the Dystopia Rising: Florida community is a violation of both state and federal law as well as community policy and will not be tolerated by Dystopia Rising: Florida. Dystopia Rising: Florida considers sexual misconduct a very serious issue and shall uphold the policies and process described here.


Director's Note on Roleplaying Strainism:

Remember, art is a reflection of real life.

In Game Mail

One of the benefits of playing a network LARP like Dystopia Rising is the ability for your character to communicate with other characters across the wasteland. To do so, you can mail any letters or items to the below address where the Directors will receive it and see that they are delivered via the in-game Postmen. Alternatively, you can mail it to the mail directly! Remember though, not everything makes it across the wasteland fully intact!

Dystopia Rising: Florida
1212 NW 41st Ter
Gainesville, FL 32605