Game Site and schedule

Our site is situated in 200 beautifully wooded acres near the Santa Fe River in northern Florida. The facilities include 11 air-conditioned cabins, RV and camping space, well-equipped bath houses, a large air-conditioned kitchen and dining hall that can accommodate 200 people, an assembly area, and multiple large pavilions for games. 


Dystopia Rising events are generally run at the Florida Bible Camp, located at 2087 SE Bible Camp Street, High Springs, FL 32643. Any events that take place at a different location will be highly publicized and generally only take place in June or July. July's event will take place at Camp Kiwanis, 19300 SE 3rd St, Silver Springs, FL 34488

Dystopia Rising: Florida - 2019 Events

February 22nd - 24th (FBC)
March 29th - 31st (FBC)
April 26th - 28th (FBC)
May 17th - 19th (FBC)
June - Ginnie Springs Event TBD
July - Camp Kiwanis Event TBD
August 23rd - 25th (FBC)
September 27th - 29th (FBC)
October 25th - 27th (FBC)
November 22nd - 24th (FBC)
December 20th - 22nd (FBC)

Dystopia Rising: Florida - NEXT EVENT

February 22nd - 24th (FBC)
Check into the February Event now!