Dystopia Rising: Florida

Strain Restrictions


In order to promote the desired dynamic for the Gatorland game, some Strains are considered more common and thus encouraged to be in higher number while others are considered restricted and require approval. These restricted strains will require a background submitted to the Storytelling staff before entering play and often pictures of your costuming, which ensures you are dedicated to the game and familiar enough with the setting to accurately portray the restricted Strain.

There are also certain character concepts that are restricted or out right banned in order to promote fair and comfortable play for all members of the community participating in our events.

Please refer below to the Strain and Character restrictions for the Gatorland game. While not required, the Storytelling staff highly suggests that players of common Strains provide a short background by your third event. Having a background on file will allow the staff to consider it not only for modules in game but for use in potential Gravemind scenes upon a character's death. The background can be a few bullet points, or a page of story, and should focus on your time in Gatorland and the surrounding areas. Players are discouraged from having backgrounds based in other Branch's territories.

These restrictions will likely change and evolve as the membership in the local game grows and the local story evolves. Those who currently have a character in play are grandfathered into this ruling.

Banned Concepts: These concepts are not currently accepted into play.

Characters that are physically or mentally younger than 14.
Characters that are "happy" slaves or slaves used for sex work.
Characters that are a parody or use parody of real world religion or spirituality.
Characters that use the Confederate flag in their costuming.

Restricted Concepts: These are concepts that are often discouraged and require approval before coming into play.

Characters that are physically or mentally ages 14-17, not portrayed by a player age 14-17.
Characters that use self-harm or suicide as part of their concept.

Restricted Strains: These Strains require background approval, character costuming pictures, and staff permission prior to entering play. Players of Strains are expected to have exemplary costuming as well as extensive knowledge of the setting and source material to represent the Strain in play. As well, players should consider this character their "Main" rather than an "Alt" so it is your primary focus in the game.

Common Strains: These strains are available to anyone to play without restriction. Players are encouraged to submit a background before their third event.


  • Digitarian - Common

  • Pure Blood - Common

  • Solestros - Common


  • Baywalker - Common

  • Yorker - Common

  • Vegasian - Restricted


  • Diesel Jock - Restricted

  • Rover - Common

  • Saltwise - Common


  • Full Dead - Restricted

  • Semper Mort - Common

  • Lascarian - Common


  • Remnant - Common

  • Retrograde - Common

  • Tainted - Restricted


  • Merican - Common

  • Natural One - Common

  • Quiet Folk - Common


  • Accensorite - Restricted

  • Red Star - Common

  • Unborn - Common


  • Irons - Common

  • Reclaimers - Restricted

  • Unstable - Restricted