Dystopia Rising: Florida

Strain Restrictions


In order to promote the desired dynamic for the Gatorland game, some Strains are considered more common and thus encouraged to be in higher number while others are considered restricted as uncommon, rare, or even banned. These restricted strains will require a background submitted to the Storytelling staff before entering play as well as an expenditure of Assistance Points and prior attendance at Dystopia Rising events, which ensures you are dedicated to the game and familiar enough with the setting to accurately portray the rare Strain.

There are also certain character concepts that are restricted or out right banned in order to promote fair and comfortable play for all members of the community participating in our events.

Please refer below to the Strain and Character restrictions for the Gatorland game. While not required, the Storytelling staff highly suggests that players of Common Strains provide a short background by your third event. Having a background on file will allow the staff to consider it not only for modules in game but for use in potential Gravemind scenes upon a character's death. The background can be a few bullet points, or a page of story, and should focus on your time in Gatorland and the surrounding areas. Players are discouraged from having backgrounds based in other Branch's territories. We give recommendations where strains that are available locally hail from.

These restrictions will likely change and evolve as the membership in the local game grows and the local story evolves. Those who currently have a character in play are grandfathered into this ruling.

Banned Concepts: These concepts are not currently accepted into play.

Characters that are physically or mentally younger than 14.
Characters that are "happy" slaves or slaves used for sex work.
Characters that are a parody or use parody of real world religion or spirituality.
Characters that use the Confederate flag in their costuming.

Restricted Concepts: These are concepts that are often discouraged and require approval before coming into play.

Characters that are physically or mentally ages 14-17, not portrayed by a player age 14-17.
Characters that use self-harm or suicide as part of their concept.

Banned Strains: These character are not currently accepted into play.

Diesel Jocks

Rare Strains: These Strains require background approval, 300 Assistance Point expenditure, and staff permission prior to entering play. Players of Rare Strains are expected to have exemplary costuming as well as extensive knowledge of the setting and source material to represent the Strain in play. As well, players should consider this character their "Main" rather than an "Alt" so it is your primary focus in the game. Players will have to have attended at least 4 prior events before being considered for one of these Strains. There are currently 4-5 spots open for rare slots.

Full Dead (From outside of the Rum Coast)
The Red Star (From outside of La Havana)
Vegasian (Must be tied to the story in Gasparilla Bay)

Uncommon Strains: These strains require an approved background and 150 AP expenditure prior to entering play. These strains require extensive costuming, should have ties to the current setting, and their players should have adequate knowledge of the genre.  Players will have to have attended at least 2 prior events before being considered for one of these Strains.

Full Dead (Must be tied into the story in the Everforest; see the Rum Coast book)
Iron Slaves
Nation of Accensor
Semper Mort
The Red Star (Must be tied into the story in La Havana; see the Rum Coast Book)
Pure Bloods

Common Strains: These strains are available to anyone to play without restriction. Players are encouraged to submit a background before their third event.

Natural Ones
Remnant (Remnants that have extreme animal traits may require approval. Contact your Directors.)
Salt Wise


Bay Walker – Common. Bay Walkers specialize in living where they know life best, in terrain like the Mass, hence their name. Given the similar dangers that life in the Gatorland and the Rum Coast presents to what a Bay Walker is used to, they tend to survive well there. Most Bay Walkers in the Rum Coast exist as descendants of what used to be the Thunder (Tampa) Bay area and find their way easily amongst the bays and inlets of the Paradise Isles. Their ability to piss off the local sub-strains of the Yorkers is no less profound.

Diesel Jocks - Banned. Masters of the Iron Horse and the open road, it's hard to thrive in the washed out roads and swamplands of the Gatorlands. Diesel Jocks tend to steer clear of the Rum Coast in favor long roads in other directions.

Full Dead – Rare/Uncommon. Hailing from "across the pond" or more commonly in the Rum Coast from the underwater necropolis south of the Rat Trap and the Everforest, Full Dead are few and far between around what's left of the North American continent. Rumors of the necropolis at the bottom of the sea south of the Rat Trap do surface amongst the sailors and fishmongers of the Paradise Isles, but few are willing to speak in detail of this potential haven to Full Dead. However the voodoo drum beats of the Full Dead of the Everforest still echo through the swamplands, keeping the rumors alive.

Genjian – Rare. While still rarely seen, Genjian have begun appearing from long hidden facilities found in the Rum Coasts. Rumors have begun to circulate of their involvement with certain Houses within the Rat Trap.

Iron Slaves – Uncommon. The Iron Slaves are often found anywhere that you might find slavers, or hard work that needs doin', and the areas of the Rum Coast and Paradise Isles are no stranger to these. "Free" Iron Slaves are less common due to the frequency of slavers. As well, the sensitive nature of this part of the genre and the costuming restrictions requiring players to wear glowing red props around their neck, ankles, and wrists make this an Uncommon Strain.

Lascarian – Common. The underworlders find little quarter in the swamplands of the Rum Coast and Paradise Isles. Except for a few cave systems that exist in the aquifers, the landscape is mostly flat, wet, and filled with Zed and raiders. Lascarians still find their way to Gatorland, however, hidden under the thick swamp canopy. Players should be prepared to costume fully during the daylight hours.

Merican – Common. In the Merican South this Strain is strong, if not dominate, much to the chagrin of the other Strains. Many of the local Mericans can be found amongst the ranks of Camp Echo, a militia based force that keeps some semblance of order in the swamps.

Nation of Accensor (Accensorite) – Uncommon. Members of the Nation travel extensively, however as they often travel alone the Gatorlands are less than hospitable. As much as the people here need Faith though, the Accensorites will come. Costume requirements and extensive knowledge of the in game Faith make this an Uncommon strain. Players are encouraged to have their code of ethics on file with their background.

Natural One - Common. There is near endless swampland and wilderness for the Natural Ones to thrive. Where it's too wild to find Mericans, you'll find the Natural Ones. Players are encouraged to fit in with the local Tribes and other PCs as well as costume for the more primitive appearance.

Pure Blood – Uncommon. Pure Blood characters are required to have ties to an existent Pure Blood family from another Dystopia Rising branch with a background outlining the reason for their presence on the Rum Coast/Paradise Isles OR have their background tied in with the houses of the Dukes and Duchesses of the Rat Trap in the Paradise Isles. A guide to the Pure Bloods of the Rat Trap is available here and through the Facebook page.

Reclaimers - Banned. Lords of the Frozen North, Reclaimers have little reason to travel so far South as the Rum Coast.

Red Star – Rare/Uncommon. While it is possible for Communes to make their way into Gatorland, it hasn't been a recent trend given the strongly Nuclear Family influenced area. The closest major Communes are found far south of the Rat Trap in La Havana, and Red Star concepts should include this area. Players should be aware of the in-game attitudes against this Strain before portraying a character.

Remnant - Common. Members of this Strain wander to and from pretty much every where.

Retrograde - Common. A practical sort, and survivors to the core, Retrogrades have managed to populate the Rum Coast and Paradise Isles just as much as anywhere else.

Rover - Common. The lifeblood of many settlements, the Rovers keep supplies flowing no matter where you are.

Salt-Wise - Common. In their element anywhere near the open seas, the Salt-Wise can be found everywhere in the Rum Coast with great frequency. New Players interested in playing Salt-Wise should avoid beginning with Guild Membership until they fully understand the genre.

Semper Mort – Uncommon. Given the past of what used to be Florida, cryogenic labs were not as rare as it was in other places around the pre-apocalypse landscape. While still not common, the Leeches do find their way around every now and then. Appropriate costuming for claws and fangs will be required.

Solestros - Banned. Found more commonly in Holywood, the Rum Coast is a long way away from where they thrive. Find a Solestros in the Paradise Isles is a rarity indeed, with how tight their held to their homes on the West Coast.

Unborn - Rare. Hailing from lands far away, Unborn must make quite the trek to reach the Rum Coast. While they do have a wanderlust and a thirst for discovery and adventure, the residents of the Rum Coast don't take too kindly to this Strains appearance or origin. Due to the location as well as the very extensive costume requirements, this Strain is considered Rare.

Vegasian – Rare. The Vegasians find similar sentiments in the Merican South as they might find in their own great city. However it's a long way, so long most vehicles don't make it or the resolve of the traveler wanes. However, some places in the Paradise Isles resemble the culture of Vegasia and their ilk thrive there if they make it.

Yorker – Common. Yorkers have survived the worst that has befallen what is left of Humanity. Surviving in the Rum Coast and Paradise Isles is no different. Justifying a Yorker in the deep South should include a major post-apocalyptic metropolis such as Orlando, Miami, or Jacksonville.