If you are looking to travel from one game to another with your character it's a good idea to:

  • Contact your home Directors at least one week before the date of the Event you are traveling to. If there was a local event the weekend prior, we can put priority on updating your sheet.
  • Send an email to the Directors of the game you are traveling to letting them know you are coming. This can also usually be accomplished by pre-registering your character for their event!
  • Check in your unique items with the directors of the game you are traveling to for approval. Many Directors also like to see what blueprints are coming into their game. You won't be denied them, but it's a courtesy to the Directors for the planning of their event.

If you looking to permanently transfer a character from one game to another you must:

  • Contact your current Directors for approval.
  • Turn in all item cards and blueprints.  Do *not* give them away in game otherwise transfer will be denied.
  • Contact the Directors of the game you are transferring to AFTER being approved by your current Directors. An email to everyone can also accomplish this and ease communication.