The Aftermath


Civil War!

Civil War has broken out among the Houses and territories of the Rat Trap, enveloping every House and citizen in a brutal conflict. Torn apart over the ideals of freedom and the presence of slavery, those loyal to the Crown, or in support of the continued enslavement of the Strains in the Rat Trap, stand their ground against the Separatist abolitionists fighting for freedom for all Strains and freedom from the Crown's tyranny.

Being the largest, most influential, and likely most powerful faction outside of the Rat Trap, Gatorland finds itself right in the middle of the conflict as both sides of the war fight for the loyalty of the citizens there, ever desperate to tip the odds in their favor and win the bloody conflict.

Over the coming months, the war will find itself on Gatorland's doorstep as representatives from the many Houses of the Rat Trap come to sway the opinions of Gatorland citizens, rally abolitionists, or call upon the aid of loyalists. Where Gatorland and each citizens shows their loyalty could tip the balance one way or another concerning the fate of some of the Major Houses as well as war itself.

Keep a keen eye out for nobles and representative from the Houses to enter Gatorland in search of allies. How you interact with them and the modules surrounding them will determine their actions over the next few months. As well, fortify yourselves and prepare for the War to come directly, as the Crown's forces seek to stamp out signs of rebellion. YOUR ACTIONS will determine much in the way the setting of the Rat Trap will continue into Dystopia Rising: Evolved and after.

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The Aftermath - April XX19 and beyond


Where do the Houses stand?

While all parts of the Kingdom, each House of the Rat Trap is much like its own settlement, with its own economy, government, and diverse citizenry. Some Houses have made exhaustive use of slavery over the past few Generations, many have not, and this fact has swayed their loyalty in the war. Others show loyalty to the Crown, no matter what, and have chosen to side with the King in the war. To find out more about the Houses, check out the Pure Bloods of the Rat Trap Guide!

Below you will see where each of the Major Houses, and some of the Minor Houses, stand in the conflict. Beginning at the September 2018 event, where each House falls in the war will have a direct mechanical effect on the citizens of Gatorland. Whether that effects a check-in skill, the presence or lack thereof of certain NPCs, trade ties available to Gatorland to aid in the war, or other beneficial and detrimental effects! Every module matters, so pay attention to your actions and the actions of your peers, because it may just have consequences, or benefits, later on!

UPDATE: At the March Event, the heroic people of Gatorland fended off the might of the Rat King’s forces and went into the Gravemind itself to end the Rat King forever. Learn more about how it all went down from the characters in game, but read below how all the pieces fell in the Rat Trap once the dust settled.

Rumors from the Castle

  • The King is dead! Long live the King! Most of the King’s direct forces are dead or scattered as a result of the Rusty Lantern’s assault and subsequent assassination of the King. Much of the castle grounds now sits idle, empty, and the territory of the dead.
    Check out our videos on the Dystopia Rising LARP Network Page and our Instagram for more information!

The Loyalists

  • House Charming - With most of their ground forces devastated by the nuclear attack by the citizens of Gatorland, remaining forces have pulled back and exited the theaters of war, and those left standing are licking their wounds. Little is left of their holdings, and the remaining forces of House Thorn have begun sending forays into their former territory. Any that turned their back on the Rat King and slavery have found asylum in Thorn’s lands, though it’s a tentative allowance.

    • House Figment - Consisting of only a single lineage of Pure Bloods who were firmly under the thumb of House Charming, Figment is finally free! They are enjoying their relative lack of associations as they rebuild, but they have a keen eye on assisting the Rat Trap much as House White used to.

    • House Darling - Too disorganized and lacking in their own resources to really participate in the war, their relative freedom from the Crown has left them considering their next move.

    • House Frollo - The zealots of House Frollo returned to active service, as the King’s assassins, showing their true allegiances, and betraying the Espirt de Corps to serve their King. Many have deployed to Triton ships to aid in their raids and assaults, they rest have sunk into the shadows as their former holding lay dormant. (Those with Lore: Rovers, may contact Staff for more information.)

  • House Triton - The Pure Bloods of Triton see the Rat Trap’s present loss as more of an opportunity. With no King, and no House Charming in their way, not only do they dominate the seas, but it’s their chance to dominate the entire Rat Trap. Any who stand in their way might find themselves a poor, unfortunate soul. Their Navy though heavily damaged from the war effort, and lacking their former slave forces, has pulled back into a more defensive position protecting their islands.

    • House Sparrow - Those of House Sparrow have ceased hiding their true nature and begun engaging in true piracy against the Rat Trap, and now, mostly just against House Triton. Their small, fast ships give the Triton navy hell, and they continue to raid the Triton holdings.

    • House Hook - Formerly the official face of the Crown’s judgement, House Hook’s remaining membership assists Triton to maintain their current holdings.

  • House Fa - Their forces dead and destroyed after being caught between the forces of Gatorland, House Pride, and House La Belle, their retreat was quick. Strangely, forward scouts onto the Fa island have found little evidence of the presence of anyone. Zed wander the area with only raiders to contend with. Buildings lie empty, crops lay untended. The scouts reports all tell of a spooky quiet dominating the land.

  • House Rider - Rider is merely more than a name amongst Pure Bloods of the Rat Trap these days as their holdings have mostly been sacked. House Triton’s minimal land forces and what’s left of Rider’s have taken defensive positions on the southern half of what was Rider Island, as House De Vil’s mercs and La Belle soldiers push South.

  • House White - With the death of many of the opposing Pure Bloods within the House, leaders of House White had used their bred raiders to fully dominate the direction of the House. A bad move on their part, as even other Loyalists shunned their Raider Breeding Program. The few remaining loyalists have retreated to Triton lands after the militia of Iron Slaves descended in droves into their lands. Many Irons lost their lives, permanently, but White forces were devastated by sheer numbers and determination. What’s left of the House fights a losing battle against Naveen’s fresh forced along side Aliese and the remainder of House Arendelle’s psions.

  • House Arendelle - Fully in the hands of the Toymaker, the House began deploying its powerful Psions to the front lines, however with Gatorland’s help, a small army of Irons was able to assault their holdings and destroy most of what was built in Aliese’s absence. The Toymaker’s surrender sealed the victory. Separatist forces have retaken the House and assist House Naveen in retaking lands to the South.

The Separatists

  • House Pride - Still led by the man known to some as Carrion, House Pride and their leadership still claims rightful ownership of the Crown. Still distrusted because of their ties to the Final Knights, their forces are still one of the largest forces in the wars aftermath. Carrion’s forces were able to demolish House Fa’s front lines after the battle and distraction Gatorland was able to provide. They have now broken into smaller skirmish squads and travel the Rat Trap brutally remove any remaining loyalty to the Rat King as they make their South to his former lands.

  • House Thorn - Formerly House Rose, the House was founded in the turmoil following the assassination of the Duchess Rose by Separatist forces. Power was seized and a new House was formed. All of the slaves in the House were freed to choose their own way, and the massive treasury of House was being used to fuel the War against the Rat Trap. With much of their resources depleted, House Thorn turns towards rebuilding, and giving displaces Pure Bloods a new home.

  • House Powhtan - One of the first Separatist Houses to feel the brunt of the war, Powhtan was devastated by House White’s raiders and ground forces. Having retreated to the Gatorland and helped the local farmers recover from the effects of the Nuke, many have begun returning to their homeland to finally rebuild.

    • House Nedakh - This was one of the first Houses to openly oppose the Crown after the death of their Princess, and they paid dearly for it. Those that remain support their Major House to the end.

  • House Naveen - Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler continues at House Naveen. Acting as a secured territory where the wounded could recover from the effects of the war, the House now turns it’s attention towards rebuilding, offering a home for those displaced, and preparing for another hot summer.

  • House De Vil - Whether or not Lord De Vil was merely betting on the winner, his bet paid off, and he found himself and his House on the right side of the war. Many still don’t trust him, but nothing’s really changed there, and now a power vacuum exists in many areas of the Rat Trap he hopes to fill. Despite being a border island in the conflict, De Vil suffered little from the war. Was it just that deadly moving against them? Was their island that well fortified? Or is there more going on behind the scenes?

  • House La Belle - The Beast’s forces have fallen back to recover and fortify in the wake of the war’s end. Many Pure Bloods around the Rat Trap have called for the Beast to rise to a leadership role within the Trap, but he has so far declined response. La Belle soldiers can be seen around the Trap offering to assist in defending and fortifying areas damaged in the war.

  • House DunBraugh - Proud, dignified, and self-reliant House DunBraugh will not be told who they serve. They have pulled back to defend their own lands in the wake of the war, and seem opposed to the further expansion of House Pride’s forces around the Trap.

The Undecided

  • House Ali - Ever blase and leading their own world, House Ali never took a side in the war and for the most part stayed out of it. This creates mixed emotions when they are spoken of. Regardless, their scouts and Jones can be seen around the Trap taking advantage of the war opening up new avenues for exploration. With Triton’s navy pushed back, many more of their merchants can be seen around the Trap once again.

  • House Heart/Absolem - Did someone say War? Again? Members of these lineages within the Rat Trap prefer to keep to themselves and enjoy life rather then engage in the current conflict. Their House is small enough no one is required or requesting their assistance, and they prefer it that way. The TVs can have their war, they’ll be busy keeping their own endeavors running until the weekend. Their holdings are acting as a waypoint for many travelers and weary soldiers after the war. Dens of iniquity full of hooch and drugs are an often sought after getaway for officers when they can remove themselves from the front lines.  

Ongoing Mechanics

All mechanics associated with the war have ended.