Civil War!

Civil War has broken out among the Houses and territories of the Rat Trap, enveloping every House and citizen in a brutal conflict. Torn apart over the ideals of freedom and the presence of slavery, those loyal to the Rat King, or in support of the continued enslavement of the Strains in the Rat Trap, stand their ground against the Separatist abolitionists fighting for freedom for all Strains and freedom from the Rat King's tyranny.

Being the largest, most influential, and likely most powerful faction outside of the Rat Trap, Gatorland finds itself right in the middle of the conflict as both sides of the war fight for the loyalty of the citizens there, ever desperate to tip the odds in their favor and win the bloody conflict.

Over the coming months, the war will find itself on Gatorland's doorstep as representatives from the many Houses of the Rat Trap come to sway the opinions of Gatorland citizens, rally abolitionists, or call upon the aid of loyalists. Where Gatorland and each citizens shows their loyalty could tip the balance one way or another concerning the fate of some of the Major Houses as well as war itself.

Keep a keen eye out for nobles and representative from the Houses to enter Gatorland in search of allies. How you interact with them and the modules surrounding them will determine their actions over the next few months. As well, fortify yourselves and prepare for the War to come directly, as the Rat King's forces seek to stamp out signs of rebellion. YOUR ACTIONS will determine much in the way the setting of the Rat Trap will continue into Dystopia Rising: Evolved and after.

Where do the Houses stand?

While all parts of the Kingdom, each House of the Rat Trap is much like its own settlement, with its own economy, government, and diverse citizenry. Some Houses have made exhaustive use of slavery over the past few Generations, many have not, and this fact has swayed their loyalty in the war. Others show loyalty to the Rat King, no matter what the matter, and have chosen to side with the King in the war. To find out more about the Houses, check out the Pure Bloods of the Rat Trap Guide!

Below you will see where each of the Major Houses stand in the conflict. Beginning at the September 2018 event, where each House falls in the war will have a direct mechanical effect on the citizens of Gatorland. Whether that effects a check-in skill, the presence or lack thereof of certain NPCs, trade ties available to Gatorland to aid in the war, or other beneficial and detrimental effects! Every module matters, so pay attention to your actions and the actions of your peers, because it may just have consequences, or benefits, later on!

The Loyalists

  • House Charming - Ever loyal and under the thumb of the Rat King, House Charming will remain loyal to the Crown. Not only that, how could they function without all the slaves that keep the Castle running? Much of their forces are moving directly at Gatorland to stamp out any rebellion before it gets off the ground.

  • House Triton - Unwilling to give up the slaves that help them dominate the seas through their massive naval fleet, House Triton stays loyal to the crown for more selfish reasons. Most of their slaves are unwilling to attempt escape as they are kept on ships away from shore. As the war gets underway, Triton forces have begun to take control of the seas and cut off vital supply routes to Separatist territories.

  • House Fa - Most within the House grew up knowing honor and loyalty to the Crown, and they maintain such dedication despite the war. It’s not about slavery to them, but about the Signal, Honor, and deep seeded respect for the Rat King.

  • House Rider - Always with an air of superiority, the Rider’s remain loyal to the Rat King, somewhat out of reaction to the recent turmoil. Most of the House’s functionality depends on their slave labor force, and with the recent unrest they have reacted by tightening the reins. Past aggression by Gatorland and other abolitionist elements sealed their decision.

The Separatists

  • House Pride - Still led by the man known to some as Carrion, House Pride and their leadership claims rightful ownership of the crown. Still distrusted because of their ties to the Final Knights, their forces are still the largest opposing force to the Rat King’s throne. House Pride forces continue to keep most of the Rat Trap's main armies occupied and away from Gatorland but how long can they hold?

  • House Thorn - Formerly House Rose, the House was founded in the turmoil following the assassination of the Duchess Rose by Separatist forces. Power was seized and a new House was formed. All of the slaves in the House were freed to choose their own way, and the massive treasury of House is being used to fuel the War against the Rat Trap.

  • House Powhtan - Those of this House wish to live as free as the winds and the waves, and were glad to break from the status quo of the Rat Trap and release the few slaves they maintained. Coupled with the tragedy of Princess Nedakh of their Minor House, it was an easy choice to make. However recent conflict with heavy raider presence in their lands has left them weak and unable to contribute much to the Separatist forces.

  • House Naveen - Already mostly self-reliant, most of the House already understands the concept of working for the weekend, so it was a short discussion on who to support in the War. It might be spitting directly in the face of the Rat King’s favor, but Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler. The Separatists can count on Naveen to fight until the end.

The Undecided

  • House White - With pressure from both sides, House White remains undetermined on which side of the war to back. While House Thorn provided much of the capital for the House to function, and House Charming was their biggest customer, House White provides much of the material both sides of the war require for success. The majority of their non-Pure had a way to earn their freedom through labor, but a revolt of their workers is entirely possible in the near future especially with the inner turmoil the "Raider Breeding Program" has caused among the Houses nobles.

  • House La Belle - The Beast has long since pledged the loyalty of the House to the Rat King, and members of House La Belle do not make oaths lightly. While the House holds no slaves, and many would assume they would side with the Separatists, they seems hesitantly loyal to the Crown. However, it’s possible that could change.

  • House Ali - Ever blase and leading their own world, House Ali is uncertain which direction to take in the Great War. Many are drawn to loyalty to the Rat King because of the House’s aggressive dedication to the Signal, but the rebellious nature of the House leads many to want to support Separatists.

  • House DunBraugh - Proud, dignified, and self-reliant House DunBraugh will not be told who they serve. While their Faith compels them to serve the Rat Trap, they are unsure whether that is what the Signal truly wishes. While slaves ensure their self-reliance within the Paradise Isles, could they survive on their own without slavery?